The Allround Hook and Swayback Slöjd have been in planning and testing for over a year now.


The idea was to make a set of highly versatile tools for all things Slöjd including spoons, kuksa, bowls, bows, coat hangers, etc.


- Specs:


The Swayback Slöjd has a 9HS steel blade of 2.5mm, just under 10cm/4" long, featuring a style I've designed based on my own preference and experience using blades in Japan for over a decade.

The blade has received a slight update in dimensions to make it even more versatile.

The bevels are at a 25 degree angle ground to zero and with a stropped edge as has become my go-to and features a round spine.

A slight distal taper narrows the bevel towards the tip for tighter turns.

The handle is dyed hornbeam, 12cm or 4 3/4" long, octagonal barrel shaped and as always has room for customization.

New is my signature thumb rest to aid in certain cuts where your thumb is braced against the side of the blade.

I´ve put these on all my custom knives before and offer them now in the production version.

The updated beltsheath from heavy Vegtan leather is hand stitched and riveted for maximum versatility and safety.


The Allround Hook needs little introduction as my most popular tool to date.

A 7cm or 2 3/4" compound curve blade, made from bearing steel, features a complex bevel and rounded spine.

The handle is of the same design as the slöjd but a versatile 15cm/6" long. The hook is enclosed in a handmade and fitted Vegtan sheath.



All these combos are made and shipped by my partner forge Fadir in Kharkiv/Ukraine and shipped from there worldwide. Import charges may apply.

4-6 weeks of production time.

By purchasing you agree that I share relevant shipping and contact info with the forge to complete your order and contact you about progress.

Allround Combo - Swayback Slöjd & Hook