This one is a dream.


This is an antique Finnish Puukko I completely modified.

Handle 11cm

Edge length 13.5cm


Guard was cut and refiled.

Old varnish on the handle was removed and masur birch pommel (very old style) recarved.

I finished the handle in my new favourite oil, dark half tung oil.


Then on to the blade.

Had to be reground and cleaned.

Very fine high carbon steel.

Rebeveled by hand on Japanese stones for a stone finish.

Blended in secondary convex bevel.

Stropped to mad sharp.


The sheath is a mix of European, Scandinavian and Slavic influences.

Hand cut, stitched with awl and needle, knife cut edges triple burnished and waxed by hand.

No shortcuts.


This gem is a lifetime of an alrounded and classic outdoor blade of history and old soul.


Antique Finnish Puukko