A well made Slojd knife is an incredibly versatile tool and thus in use by cultures around the globe as go-to craft knife.

One of the absolute staples in this field is the Mora 106 blade!

This vintage blade is made from laminated carbon steel.

The proven shape and size lends itself perfectly to spooncarving, detail carving on bowls, cutting leather and materials for basket weaving, etc.

The grind is a hair whittling Scandi which I refined and stropped to scary sharpness!

I added a slight drop point to the tip, which I like on my own carving knives, especially when using them for a variety of tasks, due to the added strength!


The handle is inspired by old "dog leg" pocket knives and meant to support your palm during powercuts, yet nest nicely inside your hand durcih reverse grips!

Comfortable in any thinkable position it features an octagonal cross section for edge indication, and too keep it from rotating in your hand while carving, which avoids fatigue and joint/tendon problems in the long run.


I completely handsanded and polished the edge for terrifying sharpness and

added my signature thumb scallops on the handle for better control and comfort in specific carving techniques.

Stabilized deer antler is used for the bolster (the fine hair crack was there pre stabilizing and doesn´t compromise the knife), followed by a fiber washer and some stunning stabilized birdseye maple.

The stick tang construction is epoxied and secured with wedges and carbon fiber pin for a change!

I made a simple yet attractive blade cover from finest bison leather, to protect you from the honed blade and vice versa.

This knife will serve you well throughout your carving life!

Please let me know if there is any question!


Custom Dogleg Erik Frost 106 Slojd Knife - Stabilized Birdseye Maple

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