One of the most important items for every slojd style carver.The bodgers bib protects your chest when bracing your work piece against your sternum and from accidental slips with drawknife and straight blade.Regular Veg tanned leather is often hard, which makes the item slide of easily when putting pressure while carving. 
Also, it doesn't properly suit women's chest due to its stiffer characteristics. Recently I came across this amazing milled, Hungarian Vegtan, I can´t describe other than gorgeous. Subtle, soft, thick, dense, smells great and looks just stunning.Being partially Hungarian, and having picked this hide up myself, I am very proud of the living cultural heritage in the land of the Magyar. Bows, knives, tools, crafts of all kinds are alive and well there.Handcut, grooved, burnished and sealed, logo embossed and comes with paracord. 
Get two... so if this one ever wears out you can continue enjoying this leather every time you carve.The pictures item is not necessarily the one you get.Might have minor blemishes and scars.

Bodgers Bib from Unicorn

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