I remember being a kid, watching epic blockbusters about Robin Hood, King Arthur, Westerns,... Short... Stuff with great costumes and lotsa regalia.


Well, one of my favorite items that appeared in all cultures, contexts and throughout history, is the simple, yet somewhat ominous leather pouch, that always seems to contain shiny coins, gold, some beef jerky or curiosities.


Exactely that fact makes these so much fun to use. 

Put your wallet and phone in there... as I did for years..., use it to forage, for your fire kit, marbles, rock or clam collections, grandpas tin soldiers, or coffee and other foods when on camping or canoeing trips. It doesn´t matter, just enjoy the nostalgic and romantic vibe.


Made from finished deerskin, with saddle-stitched trim in royal blue, Japanese thread. Featuring a reinforced belt dangler using a "Sami" knot, and a drawstring with logo toggle.



Elk Skin Belt Pouch

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