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The second iteration of my most elaborate work.


The Rivendell Slöjd in Emerald Green


Last year's Edition was one of my biggest steps ahead in a direction I had intended for a long time and I learned a lot.

This unique and very much elven inspired concept is very difficult to get right and safe


All handmade and handcarved.

Laminated Blade picked up personally in Sweden 2 years ago from @kayembretsen

200 year old maple gifted and picked up from @gingerwoodturner in Bavaria.

German half tanned leather, saddle stitched with awl and needle.


Has a wonderful snap closure and needs to be opened by pressing both hands together to overcome the detent in a controlled manner.


A unique heirloom slöjd knife with many subtle details to explore and ready for 100 years of use.

Emerald Rivendell Slöjd

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