"Fire and Water" Slöjd.

Representing the ordeal and clash of forces involved in forging steel for knives.


About 30 seconds into this project I felt like 'oh boy, this is gonna be tough' and was it ever.

I wanted to do something special with the last Morakniv 106 I bought in the actual Mora, Sweden his fall when I was forging Sanmai Slöjds with Christian Dam.


Well, there you have it.

Diamonds and facets like Iron oar under the mountain

A blade filed to a distal taper to severe that the bevel is just millimeters wide at the tip.

Hollow ground on Tormek diamond wheels to a silly sharp edge.

A sheath with wooden half liner, derived from the cultures of the North in a blue reminding of clear spring water.


Fire and Water Slöjd