Scagel Style Hunting knife, using an Enzo skinning blade and finest Japanese Deer Stag.

The blade features a lovely belly, great for all your skinning, butchering and camp chores.

Made from 12C27 surgical steel and full flat ground this would be my blade of choice for a traditional hunting knife.

I have combined it with a stacked handle from corian, leather, fiber liners, brass and stabilized, spalted maple before ending in a lovely crown from rare, dense Deer stag from Japan. Glued in place using the best epoxy for the job, and secured using a domed and polished brass pin, this knife further features a decorative mosaic pin on the bottom.

The handle feels great in multiple grip styles to support your different cuts, and features flat sides.

The sheath is made from finest Eropean carving leather, embossed around the border and saddle stitched using awl and needle, which is way superior to machine stitching.

I left it natural despite heavy coats of oils and waxes, and added contrasting, polished edges.

The sheath will take a lovely patina over time!

I make mostly one of a kind knives, that are meant to last for generations.

Utmost attention goes to every part of the making, as only a knife designed purposeful in blade, handle and sheath will function and perform exceptionally.

Please let me know, if you have any questions!



Japanese Stag Hunting Knife


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