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I love putting this style of spoontula to work in the kitchen and on the table at dinner time serving food for your loved ones!

Every meal becomes a treat using fine hand carved spoons... preparing and eating alike!


The shape of this spoon is not accidentally called the "Kitchen Buddy".

It incorporates the best of spoons and spatulas... a spoontula so to say.

Of course it features all the good stuff you find on all my spoons... most comfortable angles, facets and my finger choil keel... for the least amount of material needed to provide the highest amount of functionality and strength I am capable of.


The surface is smooth as silk, which is the burnishing effect you get from hair-splittingly sharp knives!

That and the homogenous characteristics of birch, make sure that this spoon is only getting better over time and with continuous use. The patina formed over time makes it even prettier, smoother and more durable while dicolorations due to food and transfer of taste is kept at a minimum.

Every spoon I make is handcarved with axe and knives, without use of machines nor sandpaper, achieving the best finish.

Treat yourself to your own spoon today!


I only use the best Milk Paint I can find for my colored options. It gives a rustic and warm look and feel to your new companion!


Please allow for 5-10 work days from date of order until shipping, and I kindly ask you for understanding that handcarved items from natural materials slightly vary in color and shape!


Please don´t hesitate asking any questions!

Thank you!


Kitchen Buddy - Made to Order

PriceFrom €55.00
  • I had only a handful of spoons cracking on me in several years and I am glad I haven´t had a case in a while. If a spoon happens to crack down the road, it is part of the woods behavior. They are made and designed to avoid that though!

    The spoons are sturdy and take proper use for decades, but I don´t refund spoons breaking due to abuse or improper care.

    I ship insured if requested.

    That means higher shipping fees but peace of mind for you and me.

    I don´t take responsibility for shipped items after I send them off.

    Anything can be returned to me, if it is in its original state. I don´t refund shipping costs though.

    I am not liable for anything you chose to do with my products! Just saying...

    Now to more enjoyable stuff ´n´ things....

  • Your spoon/bowl/kuksa is finished with several layers of raw linseed oil, which builds up an internal and external hardened layer. It protects the wood from moisture and thus warping, decaying and cracking.

    You can wash all the products using warm water and dish soap, followed by drying them off using a kitchen towel.

    Please don´t soak them nor put them in the dishwasher though!

    Over time a dark patina will form on the surface, which is normal and protective!

    Maintenence is always key to long life and prelonged beauty of everything, so you can keep applying some food safe oil to your wooden products every once in a blue moon and the wood will thank you showing lovely colors and matured looks.

    For any questions I am always reachable via the Contact Page!

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