The froe is one of the most important tools in processing bigger amount of spoon blanks as it allows you to split more efficiently, while saving the pristine edge of your carving axe.
Froe are also used to cleanly split longer pieces of wood for chair legs, bows and delicate pieces for shingles.
The blades made for me by Svarogych in Kharkiv, Ukraine, are not wrapped and welded, but eye punched like my carving axes. This ensures superb strength in levering.
Every piece is forged from 52100 ball bearing steel, industrially heat treated and honed to a micro convex edge for maximum edge retention under impact. 
To keep the costs down we decided to offer the froes as blade only option as it is fairly easy to fit a handle into the tomahawk style eye.
If you however want to add a sheath or handle, please send me a message through the contact page. 
Production times for all made to order tools is approximately 1 month right now, which allows us to keep the quality high and you satisfied which is the main goal.
Tools by a carver for a carving community was my personal agenda and I am happy to be able to offer these here now.

14cm cutting edge
4cm height

By buying this tool you are agreeing to me forwarding your name, email address, and shipping address to the Kharkiv Forge in the Ukraine to keep you updated about your order and handle shipping.
I will of course not forward any payment info to any third party.
After ordering you will be contacted by the forge within 3-5 business days. 
Please check your spam folder for emails if you aren't. 
Import duties may apply. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Little Froe