Proud to offer our medium necked crooked Kuksa, Bowl and Spoon gouges!-After some optimising these final prototypes passed with flying colors and except for the steel ferrule, which will be brass in the production run, these are available for preorder now, with a 1.5 month lead time. -52100 ball bearing steel hardened to an incredibly tough and resilient edge, in a controlled, industrial setting. Straight grained Ash and 4mm Vegtan leather with burnished edges and rifle stud closure. No shortcuts!-These are our 15cm neck version, most suitable for kuksa and bowl work, coming in at 4cm blade width.I recommend these steep angled, very quick turning gouges for anybosy looking to get into kuksa and bowl carving. -Full Disclaimer! The goal was to design and make a bowl/kuksa/ladle gouge based on my own carving experience. Despite some design differences, there is no way doing that without bumping into the gouges by the incredible Nic Westermann. Being a craftsman, as well as friend and student of Nic, it is important for me to credit him for the inspiration and knowledge he is sharing through his articles, pictures and personal lecture.-Since these tools are created in a collaboration with my friends at Svarogych in Kharkiv, Ukraine, every order is forwarded to them. With your payment you agree that name, address and email address is shared, to confirm and process the order and shipping. You receive an email from Svarogych within a week of order, and then again once the tracked shipping is done. 
No payment info is ever shared!

All orders contain a 50% non-refundable deposit due to production costs.
Import duties may apply. 

 -Please never hesitate to contact me with questions!

Medium Neck Crooked Gouge

PriceFrom 80.00€