Blade Only - Last Picture shows mounted option!


The Original Swayback Slöjd has been in planning and testing for over 8 months.

The lack of flex and support of body mechanics and ergonomics was my big point in designing that blade.

It is a beast though and soI felt the need for a more compact version for smaller hands or people who just like the classic Mora size blade.

I'm not a fan personally of very small slöjd knives but I love a stout carving blade.

The result is the Mini Swayback.

-7.5cm long

1.8 cm at the base.

Distal taper 2.8mm to 1.8mm just behind the tip.

Continuous curve.

25 degree flat bevels with stropped molecular convex. {that means smaller than micro}

9HS Bearing steal.

Round spine.

Integrated sharpening choil.


8mm round tang for easy mounting.

-The round 8mm tang makes fitting the blade to your own handle a breeze.

You can find a course explaining my method here:


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