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Years ago I made a video on my YouTube channel claiming that the Mora 105 is the greatest slöjd knife of all time considering what it offers, the price, and availability, BUT...
When I see a Mora carving knife I mostly see what it COULD BE... 
When I went 2 months around Sweden I of course stopped by Mora and THE Mora shop to pick up some knives... Courtesy if you wanna call it that.
My first slöjd knife 13 years ago was a 105 I heavily modded and got to this day.
So here we go:
Mora 105 from Mora, Sweden.
Filed by hand to a distal taper for that lovely Japanese finish.
Filed, chamfered spine.
Hollow ground to 0 at a 25 degree angle. 
Heavily carved and chip carved handle for that timeless Slöjdy Feel with some of my signature moves.
Another thing I started about 13 years back and still try to figure out are those molded sheaths... This one's turned out half decent.
Liner-less and glueless 5oz halftanned sheath with that secure feel we all love so much.
Hard as a rock.
Some pleasent details for your enjoyment and that's a wrap...

One of a kind Mora 105 from Mora, Sweden

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