Fine little Scoop from Birch.

This Mini is really versatile and useful according to my trusty sources, since it fits right into the jar with your salt, sugar, coffee, herbs, tea, chili, spices, ume boshi or whatever you wanna shovel!

Enjoy every time you open a lid, by having one of my little helpers wait for you in there!

I use only the best milk paint to color my spoons, which leaves a rustic appearence and warm feel.

NEW is the heat treating leading to "Carbonized Birch" improving surface toughness and gives an incredible look.

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About my Spoons:


A spoon is one of the most essential, versatile, personal and purely functional items of our daily lives... yet mostly taken for granted and over looked.

In my strive to remind my fellow folk to appreciate the items and little companions we surround ourselves with every day, the spoon plays an essential role!

We learn eating using a spoon and often keep that very one our whole lives, we cook for our beloved ones and in German we even use the expression "to hand in your spoon" for passing away.

I have devoted many years to learning how to make a good spoon with simple tools.

Following my European roots, although spending most of my life in in Japan and Canada, I carve these entirely with a nordic carving axe and a set of razor sharp tools. No sand paper nor power tools ever touch these!

The ancient brothers form and function merge to create timeless beauty!

Finely cured and finished in linseed oil, these spoons are meant to be used every day for a lifetime!


Please allow for up to 10 work days from date of order until shipping, and I kindly ask you for understanding that handcarved items from natural materials slightly vary in color and shape!


Wash your spoon with dish soap and wipe them dry. A patina will build up over time and your spoons will become even smoother and more beautiful as they mature with you!

A drop of Linseed or vegetable oil always makes your spoons day!

Never put them in a harsh dishwasher, please!

Scoopster - Made to Order

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