Blade Only! Last picture shows handle and sheath for mounted option!


Very often I wished my Mora had been a little longer, with a rounded spine and holding that edge just a little longer and crisper, possibly with a slight distal taper for those tight spots. Maybe with a round tang for fitting it at home a little easier.

- The Slim Slöjd -

Developed first and foremost to laser through all things temperate greenwood and beeing a beast at roughing out stock from moderately hard trees like birch, cherry, rowan and maple.

- 10cm long.

Distal taper 2.9mm to 1.9mm just behind the tip.

Continuous curve.

25 degree flat bevels with stropped molecular convex. {yeah that means smaller than micro} Bearing steal.

Round spine.

Integrated sharpening choil.


8mm round tang for easy mounting.


The lack of flex and support of body mechanics was my big point in designing my tool line.

The round 8mm tang makes mounting your own blade a breeze.

You can find a course explaining my method here:


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