The Swayback Slöjd has been in planning and testing for over 8 months.

The idea was to make a highly versatile tool for all things Slöjd including spoons, kuksa, bowls, bows, coat hangers, etc.

Using my experience of carving and tool making.



The Swayback Slöjd has a 9HS steel blade just under 10cm/4" long, featuring a style I've designed based on my own preference and experience using blades in Japan for over a decade.

The blade features a distal taper from 2.8mm at the base to 1.8mm behind the tip for easier turning in tight radii.

The bevels are at a 25 degree angle ground to zero and with a stropped edge as has become my go-to and features a round spine.


The round 8mm tang makes mounting tour own blade a breeze.

You can find a course explaining my method here:


All these tools are made and shipped by my partner forge Fadir in Kharkiv/Ukraine and shipped from there worldwide.

Import charges may apply.

By purchasing you agreed that I share relevant contact and shipping info with my partner forge.

All tool ordersare subject to a 50% non refundable deposit and take currently 3 to 6 weeks to craft.

Swayback Slöjd - Blade Only