From the very beginning of my love for blades, I was fascinated by the knife cultures of the world. Indigenous people have always been masters of creating blades for their specific needs, from the available materials, and the results and skillful use doesn´t know boundaries. Like a Khukuri from Nepal or Kris from Indonesia, the  Yakut Knife is a unique blade style originating in the harsh north of Siberia!

Taiga Craftsman - Yakut Style Knife

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  • The Yakut Blade is a wonderfully designed blade, said to be modeled after the hollow bone knives, made before these knives where made from steel.

    Its shape is forming an arch in cross section for immense strength, a hollow forged chisel grind on the right side of the blade (lefties are opposite) and a convex grind on the left side. This design traditionally lent itself to carving frozen fish, skinning, easy sharpening and planing wood... similar to the grind on a japanese Kiridashi!

    This knife was meant as a craft and carving blade!

    There are many knife shapes and sizes known which have this design in common in Yakutia. They all have a straight, egg shaped handle in common, that is amazingly comfortable in hand and more importantly, due to its over length can be easily used with mittens during the Siberian Winter that reaches -60 degrees celsius. Allthough I have sculpted very complex handles and like the ergonomics for certain tasks, this handle shape taught me a new lesson. Attached with dowles and epoxy mixed with wood dust, these blades won´t go anywhere.

    I hammer forged this knife from 1084 carbon steel, and used local Ontario birdseye maple... my favortie wood... for the handle,

    The sheath used by the Sakha people of Siberia has a wooden insert and is very similar to the Sami Puukko sheath as the active lifestyle and quick moving requires a sheath with very positive retention and a dangler.

    I don´t use wooden inserts but use thick, dyed Wickett&Craig Carving leather for the sheath and stich a welt in with axl and needle using the strongest leather thread there is... German Tiger Thread.

    All finished off with a copper rivet and dangler.

    I am glad I could add some personal designs to this knife style.

    This blade takes a little to get used to, but once you discover its cutting power, you´ll love it!

    Blade Steel: 1084 Carbon Steel

    Blade length: 3.5" - 8.5cm

    Blade Thichness: 2mm

    Handle Length: 4.5" - 11.5cm

    Handle Material: Birdseye Maple

    Sheath: Wickett&Craig Tooling Leather

  • You can send any of my items back for a full refund upon arrival, minus shipping and handling costs.

    Since I am the craftsman myself, all the items are described as precisely as they lie in front of me.

    For a refund they have to be unused and undamaged and I don´t refund import costs.

    Please keep in mind, that due to my overhead as a craftsman, refunds are a quite substantial, financial loss, so please buy consciously! Thank you!

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