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Keeping your blades hair whittling sharp is one of the main challenges and requirements in greenwood carving, as well as in the field. Sharpening became a part of my spooncarving day as much as eating and sleeping. There is a huge amount of sharpening methods out there and I have used a fair bit from natural stones in Japan, to pocket diamond sharpeners 20km from the next road in the Canadian wilderness. One thing that never changes though is the last step of polishing my blades on a strop using polishing compound of several grit. With the amount of different blade shapes I used, I had too many strops for my one-tool-option approach... so I wanted to come up with something to change that. The result was the Original Sloyd Strop!

The Bushcraft Strop

  • The Sloyd strop is designed based on my experience, to help you fullfill your specific sharpening task.

    Constructed from hard beech wood, with a grippy texture, both edges are rounded, and now even thinner suede leather is applied to both surfaces and one edge.

    The round edges act like a dowel in stropping and are used to strop and sharpen the inside of your hook knives and gouges.

    Used with compound or wrapped in sandpaper several steps of sharpening can be done to all your blades using this setup. I use sandpaper on the leather faces especially for my carving axes.

    It is often recommended to not use leather on the inside of your hook knives to keep them straight without any convexing. While I do use leather for those areas, you also have a rounded wooden edge to use sandpaper or strop directly on the wood, applying compound to the beech.

    The leather faces can take different compounds, according to your sharpening style ad the leather is purposely kept thin to minimize rounding off your carving knife bevels, while achieving a micro convex bevel, important for your blades.

    Bushcraft Strop:

    • 10cm - 4" long
    • compact size with the same construction
    • perfect for a field sharpening kit, in combination with a Diamond/Ceramic stone - (see the offering)


    • same construction and abilities
    • pocket sized for your daily touch up in the daily urban jungle
    • only one of its kind!


  • You can send any of my items back for a full refund upon arrival, minus shipping and handling costs.

    Since I am the craftsman myself, all the items are described as precisely as they lie in front of me.

    For a refund they have to be unused and undamaged and I don´t refund import costs.

    Please keep in mind, that due to my overhead as a craftsman, refunds are a quite substantial, financial loss, so please buy consciously! Thank you!

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