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9 vintage Moras from all eras ready.

They are all straightened, spines are filed and/or sanded and chamfered, blades reground and rebeveled at 22.5 to 25 degrees hollowed on my Tormek.

ALL are hair splittingly sharp and I mean another dimension.

Handles are cleaned, steel wooled and oiled.

Sheaths are all vintage, some Unica-paper and some plastic with leather loops.

Some got cracks in the handle and other cosmetic stuff...

I call that character of decades.


These are so high in steel quality. Just lovely and they deserve to be carried in the woods, carve spoons, cut cheese and sausages, skin deer, craft willow pipes and cut leather..

FOR questions please. Contact me!

Vintage Mora Craft Knives

PriceFrom 40.00€