The 50cm pack-axe is the most useful and versatile type of hatchet imho.

Biggest one handed, smallest two handed, lots of punch, always packable, useable in dense bush and still capable around camp.


After years of learning about axes by restoring them on 3 continents, my recent Sweden trip made me start over that side hustle.

This lovely no-name head kicks it off...


49cm overall.

40cm usable handle.

1kg total weight.

8.5cm edge length.

Ground to 25 degrees with convex polished microbevel.

Repaired poll, still great balance, keeping the head almost horizontally.

Swedish hickory handle, recarved and finished in oil paint.

Nice mushrooming on the hafting job.


Lots of punch in a compact head.

Restored for another lifetime on an almost perfectly grained hickory haft.


Vintage Swedish Pack and Camp Axe