I brought back a rare UHB Vintage Mora from Sweden this year. 
A rather limited edition as I understand this was made with finest laminated carbon steel in the center.
Peened tang, distal taper, and the most gorgeous vintage colors in the handle, only able to patina with time. 
It had some damages on the spine, was bent and had some hammer marks around the ferrule so I completely reground it into a unique, distal tapered shobuzukuri blade.
25 degree hollow ground on the ol faithfull Tormek T4 diamond wheels and oiled the stunningly colored original handle.
I went ahead and made a traditional liner-less sheath from heavy half tanned leather that has a good friction fit, without the snap as this handle lacks a knob.
Dyed in Royal Blue with gold brown tiger thread.
The belt keeper is inspired by vintage Scandinavian pieces I've seen up there.
Elegant, simple and can be used with a button, used on many workpants.
Unique Slöjd Knife in mighty vintage steel with tons of history gained a second wind for another few generations of use. 

Vintage UHB Mora Slöjd Knife Mod