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I am a huge proponent and ambassador for EDC - Every Day Carry - items you chose carefully to carry and use every day. They are parts of our daily journey, aide you and tell your story through their patina.

This wallet combines all the virtues of this kind of mindset: Functional, Highest Quality, Durable, Handsome, Convenient, Compact... and gets better the longer you use it!


I had been carrying a huge piece of wallet with me before. It was ruining my pockets, looked weird, was uncomfortable and just an accumulation of stuff.

About 5 years ago I started experimenting with some different designs, which resulted in the Cawa.


The name comes from Card Wallet and the Japanese word Kawa, which means leather. Having lived in Japan for many years, I learned a lot from the understanding of this ancient culture of neat Minimalism and functional simplicity!


Constructed from prime 4oz Cordovan Leather, the finest material in the world, this wallet will age beautifully being carried in your pocket.

This slimline front pocket wallet will take 6+ cards after some break-in period.

A smart slot on the back allows for separated cash bills, which only have to be folded once lengthwise after unraveling, to make them straighten out.

The folded construction adds a lot of strength and space to the design and keep space for some coins that can be dropped into the front.

Taking pride in my work, I don´t drill holes, which removes material, but carefully mark and pierce them with a sharp, diamond shaped awl, allowing the hide close up.

This angled stitch is then done by hand, with two needles and the best bonded, waxed thread available on the market today.

Every edge is triply burnished and sealed according to the classic standards of leather craftsmanship.


Please feel free to ask me any questions. It can be a bit weird to move away from your bulky wallet but I have never looked back myself!

Current production time is about 1 week.

Cordovan CaWa - FrontPocket/Minimalist Wallet

  • I ship insured if requested.

    That means higher shipping fees but peace of mind for you and me.

    I don´t take responsibility for shipped items after I send them off.

    Anything can be returned to me, if it is in its original state. I don´t refund shipping costs though.

    I am not liable for anything you chose to do with my products! Just saying...

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