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Scoops & Coffee Spoons

# EverMealaTreat is my hashtag for these fine little implements!

I started spoon carving originally because I wanted to put my beloved axes and knives to use... but soon I realized a world of functional beauty in greenwood carving!

My spoons are all carved with Axe and Knives, according to old traditions around the world. I don´t use neither machines nor sandpaper on the spoons, since a carved finish, leaves a superior surface. Just fine wood shavings, no dust! I apply several coats of raw linseed oil, which builds up an internal hard layer of hardened oil, protecting the wood even when washed with dishsoap or mechanically worn down.                             

These spoons are truely made to last you a lifetime of preparing meals for your beloved ones, taking them on trips, hikes, picknicks and canoe tours, like I love to do! I use only sustainably harvested, local hardwoods!

                                Join the fun of using handmade items every day!

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