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Learn all about Spooncarving in person

Carving Spoons with Axe and Knife is one of the most soothing and rewarding skills to learn.

The process of using and maintaining tools safely and efficiently is leaving you with a useful product that can be enjoyed daily for years to come, yet the principles can be applied to a variety of other skills and projects.

Over the years of carving and teaching I´ve made it my personal goal tocreate & integrate teaching methods and systems of other sports and skills I´ve picked around the world and cross them over into craft.

Besides an extensive Online Course library, I am offering in-person private classes for groups and one on one, as they are still representing the best and quickest way to imprint new skills.


Wood Choice

Every Course starts with an overview of suitable materials and how to source them.


Triple-C Method

The Heart of the course is my proprietary Spooncarving Method, including several subsystems for quick and repeatable progress.


Q&A ...

Of course no day of picking up new craft skills would be complete without a proper nerding and question session.

I like to take my time here!


Tools and Safety

We move on by talking about the most important tools and easy to remember safety guidlines.

#kayakspoons in different configurations as you can order them from my website, are lining


Every course ends with a discussion of the most commonly used finishes and paints. 


... & Having Fun!

Despite my rather methodical approach, I am always amazed about the connections people make at my courses. Finding people with similar interests can spark instant freindships and lead to wonderful future get-togethers.

Get in touch!

If you are interested about what it would take to organise a course with me, please contact me below!

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