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This knife got it all.

Keep it in your pouch, pocket or pack.

The sturdy blade, incredibly tough steel, secure sheath.

Spoons, bowls, timber framing.

It wants to be with you anywhere.


I had the muse to regrind this bearing steel slim slöjd of my line on my basic @tormek_bushcraft to a lasers edge.

Ground to zero at 25 degrees it is stropped and sharper than anything you own. Easy to sharpen on any flat stone or sandpaper.


Carved the handle from a piece of 200 year old maple from the bavarian icon @gingerwoodturner.


The sheath is a new attempt of a different direction in semi tanned German leather with just the right amount of snap.


It all turned out to be just about the most capable craft knife with a fine edge, thick spine, strong handle, fine lines, strong pocket sheath.

A craftspersons companion for life.


Crafters Dream Slöjd

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