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The Karelia was born out of my fascination of the socketed axes of Scandinavia and the Baltics. - I wanted to modify this versatile and durable design for efficient stock removal on anything from bowls and kuksa to hewing bows, paddles and boards while being able to shape log joints and still nimble enough to hand carve spoon blanks. My main focus is on balance and felt "weight" as it allows to use the heaviest axe possible. Done right it doesn't fatigue, is saver and more accurate than lighter axes! - In short, these are a companion for all carving and shaping jobs. - Based on my experience of the last 8 years of working and studying axes from Japan to Viking shipyards in Denmark, forging my own with masters in Canada and Wales and learning about proportions and balance in daily carving of spoons, kuksa and paddles. - Made from ball bearing steel, forged by a branch of Svarogych in Kharkiv, Ukraine to my exact specs after months of development. - Industrially heat treated in Kiew, Ukraine, under controlled, conditions, these axes are keeping an incredible edge due to a balance of hardness and toughness. - Handles are made from Ash and sheaths masterly made for each axe individually from 8-10oz oiled Ukrainian Vegtan leather and fastened with rifle studs. A combination that will not wear out like most stock axe masks on the market. Helves are meant to have extra room for adding carved facets at your will. - Bevels are gound at 30 degrees and finished by hand on a strop, the way it is best for axes in my opinion and as practiced by some of the best out there. This is based on nearly a decade of carving using some of the best carving axes available and experimenting with a variety of grinds. - Specs: 1000 grams 14 cm cutting edge 34cm handle Heavy knob for bringing the balance point back towards your hand. - Covid-19 Update! The manufacturing time is about 8 to 10 weeks right now. Prices are a Woodsmans Finest exclusive promotion and might change. - Full Disclosure:With buying this tool you are agreeing to your Name, Address and Email Address being forwarded to Kharkiv Forge in order to update you about your order and shipping status as all shipping and handling will be done by the forge in the Ukraine. Custom fees may apply. None of your personal payment information will be shared.Should your contact email differ from your Paypal address please make sure to add a note with your contact email during checkout! The Forge will contact you within 5 workdays of your purchase about the status of your order and send tracking information once the item shipped.All orders contain a 50% non-refundable deposit due to production costs. Import duties may apply. If you have any questions please let me know through the Contact Page in the main menu and I will happily get back to you.

Karelia - Heavy Carving Axe

PriceFrom €189.00
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