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The New Wrangler is tougher, more flexible while riggid, and more suitable to hard use canoeing, hunting, fishing or just looking good on your daily journey through the urban jungle.


There is nothing I more satisfying in my job than finishing one of these...Why? ... these represent an item more used in people's daily lives and more capable of telling ones journey than anything else I make.

It takes a lot of elbow grease from cutting, chamfering, embossing, punching and doing five passes of edge finishing with hand tools, which all adds to the feel and long term quality of your belt.


The reason I spend so much time on the edges is that I am convinced that they are the weak point of any type of leather. Moisture, sweat and dirt can enter, dry out the leather and make it brittle.

So I am burnishing and sealing the edges in an order that took me years to figure out to my satisfaction.Made from 1.5" wide, finest 10oz German Cow hides, very similar to traditional harness leather in saddle tan with 100% solid brass hardware Made in Italy, these are guaranteed to look great, age stunningly and feel at home in the outdoors as well as in your urban environment!

This leather contains all the waxes and tallows to stretch very little, while staying flexible and smooth.I assemble these using solid brass rivets rather than brass plated cheap ones, that fade over time. The keeper is done from the same leather, 3/4" wide and held together with brass staples.



Sizing is done to the 4th of 9 holes, for best fit and flexibility.

Please choose belt size from the drop down menu according to your pant size. It is my pleasure to do personalized items, so please do not hesitate to contact me with questions and custom inquiries!There are lots of options and possibilities. These belts are made one at a time, just like all my other products.Please allow for approx 5-10 business days from the date of ordering to shipping, depending on the current work load.

Wrangler Belt

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