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Knowing draw knives mostly for taking bark off trees where I'm from, I would have never thought how one could change my life.

10 years ago I bought an old Ohio King 8" curved one from ebay and since then this knife has gone around the world with me carving countless paddles, knife and axe handles with me...

In fact it taught me all of that.


Curved 8" blade, forged from bearing steel, with the classic fuller.

Flat back parallel to the handles for equally useable sides, as I primarily carved bevel down. 30 flat degree bevels with stropped micro convex.

Oversized handles for extra leverage on the bevels.

Copper ferrule, handles from blackened hornbeam and stainless nut to tighten handles if needed.

Integral tangs for comfortable hand position choking up and rounded edges all around the blade.

Heavy leather sheath reminiscent of the style I made for my personal blade, covering the entire blade featuring long lasting rifle studs.


Two versions available.

Regular, with the flat of the blade in line with handles.

The Bevel Down version has a slight angle in the alignment of the back of the blade and the handles to make bevel down use more wrist friendly.


A tool designed based on time and experience of 1000000 cuts.


This tool will be forged and shipped within 4 to 6 weeks by my partner forge in Ukraine.

All orders are subject to a 50% non refundable deposit.

Import charges apply in some cases.

With this purchase you give your agreement that I forward information relevant for shipping and contact to the forge.

The Heritage 8" Draw Knife [pre-order]

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