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The Universal Craft Axe is a new addition to the lineup from yet another talented Blacksmith out of the Ukraine I am happy to work with.

It closely resembles some of the most praised and archaic designs known from the Northern and Eastern parts of Europe, famous for their rich history of woodcarving and blacksmithing alike.


The 12cm long, symmetrical blade, in symbiosis with the octagonal and at 25cm rather compact ash haft, make for a stubby, yet very powerful allrounder.

At 740g overall this tool is a medium weight, general use axe for anything from shaping blanks to light hewing.


The extremely tough and hard 52100 ball bearing steel is heat treated to perfection and keeps the flat, 30degree grind at a sharpness as I only know it from my Journeyman and Wayfarer axes.


Forged to finish, this axe has a smaller, more anciently looking eye and poll which balances it very blade heavy in contrast to my own design philosophy of horizontal balance. This seems to be preferred by some carvers and so it the rather thin and parallel taper of the bit.


The skillfully made, 8/10oz oiltanned leather mask rounds off this heirloom tool and is going to sufficiently protect blade and fingers from damage for generations to come.


Available in several configurations! Please check the drop down menu!!!


I have made it my goal over the past 6 years to present and introduce the finest axes on the market to my audience on Youtube in the "Carving Axe Series" and have tried to not only make my own designs available but also others I endorse as I know there is more to an axe than just plain specs.

So it is a pleasure for me to bring more tools to this page as I discover more talented colleagues out there.



By purchasing this tool you are agreeing that I share your contact info with WildFireForge for the sake of communication and shipping directly after completion.

All orders contain a 50% non-refundable deposit due to production costs.

Import duties may apply.

Please contact me via the contact page, if there are any questions or suggestions!

Universal Craft Axe

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