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Hoffman Blacksmithing Craft Carver designed by Woodsmans Finest


The axe is an incredibly underrated tool, and yet, a sharp axe has been one of the most valueable companions of builders and craft folk for thousands of years.

On my journey to make the nordic carvin axe more popular as a real versatile option for carving and crafting of all kinds, which I did through many Youtube videos, I learned more and more about the important aspects of a good spoon carving axe.

All my experience I gathered over the years, and using dozens of axes made by some of the best blacksmiths out there and myself, led to this design.

The lines and proportions, weight and balance where masterly executed by "Forged in Fire" winner, wizard with the hammer and Hephaistos reincarnation Liam Hoffman!

We spent 1 year messaging and testing, and put all we got into this axe!

The design is supposed to be efficient and effective at the same time, making it possible to use this axe for extended amounts of time.

Only the best materials where used and this product is entirely made in the USA.

Every radius, proportion and curve on this axe is serving a pupose. (video coming up!)

I am very proud to make this axe available to my customers. (please fill in the form!)

From Liams Website:

"Our carving axes are hand forged from a block of 4142 chrome/moly alloy steel, and heat treated to provide exceptional performance.

The 550 gram weight heads are hung on clear grained hickory handles, hand carved and sanded from kiln dried lumber in house. The axe comes with a handle length of approximately 13 inches, and a blade width of approximately 4 3/8ths of an inch. The overall weight of the axe without sheath is approximately 750 grams. The flat, Scandi ground edge is set at 30 degrees for optimum carving performance. These come with the option of Symmetrical bevel for standard carving, or single bevel for flat hewing. With an ergonomically sculpted handle curved and shaped to compliment the axe head in performance, this is a tool that will be a joy to use for many generations. The carving axe was designed by Austrian wood carver, Maximilian Neukäufler from Woodsmans Finest. Sheaths are hand made with thick USA vegetable tanned leather.

Made 100% in the USA.





280$ (+10$ for asymmetrical bevels)

Due to your incredible support and a resulting backlog, we needed to stop preorders until Spring 2018! We apologies for the inconvenience!

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