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Seconds & Sales

Now here is where it gets interesting...


Crafting a product there is one big question mark hanging above my head ... How am I going to price this?

While I have found a very good and fair method of doing so, there are often occasions when I want to reduce that amount!

Obviously certain holidys get you that opportunity, and rightously, then there are product introductions, running out models and of course SECONDS.

Crafting by hand, not automated, brings you all the benefits of my skills, and also the little mistakes and fails.

Those products don´t make it to the prime product pages but since they are all 100% functional I still want them to be used and enjoyed, despite their little flaws and thus offer them discounted.

So here is your chance ...

(All seconds are marked and don´t have any functional issues, otherwise they wouldn´t make it to the website!)





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